Robot One – In the Beginning

21 Dec 2011

I’m finally getting into robotics. At this point, I’m most certainly an amateur, beginner Roboticist. However, it’s a subject that I’ve been very interested in for about as long as I can remember.

So, what changed? Well, a few different things all lined up at the same time to push me into finally buying my own soldering iron and a few other tools. Additionally, for my daughter’s 5th birthday, she was excited about some robots so we got her some HexBug units. It’s been a ton of fun for her. She loves to play with them, especially when doing so with Daddy. I picked up a few kits requiring soldering for Arduino shields and have put a few together already.

One piece here another piece there (thanks to Amazon Prime, it’s been almost too easy), and soon I just about had the parts to build a complete independent mobile robot. Yesterday, the last basic components arrived (from DFRobotics in China). Once I opened this latest shipment, I realized that I had forgotten about some standoffs & screws. I tried to hit up both Radio Shack and Home Depot, but both were already closed for the night.

Tonight, I took some photos and started putting some bits together. I’ll post more details, soon, along with the photos. I’ll walk through the process that I’m inventing and following for myself in constructing and programming this, my first robot design. It should be fun.