Merry Christmas

25 Dec 2006

Last night, our daughter Nadia woke up from a 3+ hour sleep at about 11:30pm. She was asleep again (changed, fed, cuddled) by 12:30am and she didn’t wake up until about 8:10am this morning. We really shouldn’t have let her go so long without waking her to feed, but we hadn’t set an alarm clock, as she has always woken before it ever went off.

What a sweet Christmas present for a 5-week old little girl to give to parents; the first time she slept through the night. :)

Merry Christmas, or whichever greeting is appropriate for you. We wish you all the best.

More Baby Photos

23 Nov 2006

I spent about 30 minutes earlier today getting a few more photos up. I also edited the photos that were already there (rotate & crop) and created thumbnails for each photo.

BTW, the high resolution versions chould look better than 35mm film when printing on 4×6 photo paper. However, as the optics on my little digital photo camera are rather simple, 4×6 prints will look about the same as 4×6 prints from a 35mm film camera.

I have also created a mailing list for baby related information and added about 50 people’s email addresses to it. There are probably another 100-150 people who have asked us to let them know when the baby came, etc. for whom I do not (yet) have email addresses. If you are not already on the list and want to be, visit the baby-announce mailing list page. You can also go there to unsubscribe.

Update on Mother and Child

21 Nov 2006

Last night, Charlotte & I settled on the name for our first baby. Her name is Nadia Marie Peterson. She is in excellent health.

Charlotte has been recovering very well. The staples were taken out this morning and both mother and child will be coming home this afternoon.

P.S. I will edit the existing photos and post more, soon.

She’s Here!

19 Nov 2006

Now for the news we’ve been waiting months for.

She has arrived.

I have posted photos.

Another Fair Weekend

6 Sep 2006

For the past 20+ years, Charlotte’s family have traveled to Blackfoot, Idaho for the annual East Idaho State Fair. The fair “officially” begins on Labor day, but all the judging and setup is done by the end of the Friday before, so they have always gone up for the weekend as it’s less crowded. Still, each year I’ve been up there with them, it’s been fairly (no pun intended) crowded.

This year, Charlotte and I were the only family that went. As I needed to spend monday getting some work on NeverBlock done, we planned our trip for Saturday & Sunday.

The weather was very nice on Saturday and I bit warmer on Sunday. we enjoyed some of the usual foodstuffs and tried a couple of new things, too. We decided not to buy Ginsu knives this time and saw that this year there were far fewer crossstitches entered than usual. Of course, we had to see some of the animals, too:

[Ed. originally, I placed a <!--more--> tag here, but WordPress didn't build the feed properly. My apologies to those who read the Utah Open Source Planet and ended up with the outrageous images. I decided to take the images out of the story and just provide links to the image files, instead.]

We found this guy at the petting zoo.

Dachshund up close.

A little Dachshund kiss for me.

Yup! I’m tasty.

He kept climbing higher to make sure he could taste my cheeks, chin, nose, eyes, ears and even my tongue (I didn’t let that happen on purpose). :)

Ah, a nice little portrait shot.

Although, we really liked this dog, we just couldn’t see ourselves shelling out $600 to take him home. Apparently, they did sell most of the dogs they had brought with them over the weekend. I guess that’s how the petting zoo stays free each year.

We also found some piglets:
Mama’s tired of you guys; take a break.

One of the babies was even a little curious:
Curious pig.

We even saw some rather curly tails:
Now, that’s a curl.

I’m looking forward to next year.

Start of the Second Baby Boom?

4 Aug 2006

My youngest sister and her husband, Garry & Kayla Perza, phoned and told us that she is pregnant. She has not been to her first doctor’s appointment, yet, so she doesn’t have a “firm” due date, however, it should probably be somewhere in the later half of April, 2007.

We’re not the first in the family to have children. My sister Monica’s little boy, Ammon, was born December 2, 1999. The “middle” sister, Janine, has a son (Steven, born June 23, 2001) & a daughter (Robyn, born September 16, 2002), and my youngest brother, Lance, already has a son (Joseph, born May 28, 2002). So, the first little baby boom was in 2001-2002.

In case you haven’t been keeping score, there are 3 boys and 3 girls in my family (my siblings and I). I’m the eldest of the six and our parents now have 4 grandchildren (3 boys, 1 girl) with 2 more on the way (1 girl, 1 unknown).

Recently, my mother and I decided that a “baby boom” has begun in the family, starting with our first child. Kayla’s is the second in the new boom. We think it will not be very long before both of my brothers (with their wives, of course) start having kids, too.

Baby Kicks

3 Aug 2006

This evening, for the first time, I was able to feel our baby girl kicking.

My wife, Charlotte, has been able to feel the baby kicking for a few weeks now. Several times, she thought the kicks might be just hard enough to feel on the outside of her belly, but it wasn’t so … until tonight.

It’s such an amazing thing happening to us (well, mostly to her). I’m so excited. I wish it was November already and I could hold our daughter in my arms. It’s just 3 more months and even though the past 6 have flown by very quickly, it seems that the next 3 aren’t going fast enough.

First Ultrasound

4 Jul 2006

Yesterday, we went to the appointment for the first ultrasound of our upcoming little girl just off of 5300 South in Salt Lake. Everything looks great; healthy, normal, developing well. We saw her wriggling around a bit, too.

Oh what a fun time it was getting in for the ultrasound. We got up early and left to be a little early so that we could fill out paperwork (surely, you’re not surprised by that?). We had down that the appointment was for 10am, but when we got there, they told us the doctor had scheduled it with them for 9am. It ended up being almost 3pm before they got us in.

At least we didn’t have to sit there the whole time. They told us that they would phone if they could get us in earlier but to be back at about 2pm otherwise. Since we live in Centerville, we decided we would get some breakfast, do a little (mostly window) shopping and such so as to not waste $5 gas going back home and then down again. We also visited a couple of stores we hardly ever get to, while we were “down there”.

Here are some pictures from the ultrasound, many with annotations:

Well, I would post images, but they messed up the disc burn and I haven’t been able to read it. Hopefully, I’ll get that sorted soon. Sorry.

Frequent Business Travelers Pack Guilt

22 Jun 2006

Today’s USA Today caries a cover story titled, “Frequent business travelers pack guilt“. Some of it is common sense, but as the author, Gary Stoller, points out, almost no studies have been done to show the impact of frequent business travel.

As a frequent business traveler myself, I can relate to some of the things in the article. There are certainly times that all the traveling has left me feeling drained of all my energy. That’s when it’s not fun. However, as I have no children (yet), it’s (usually) not so bad.

It’ll Be a Girl (99%)

7 Jun 2006

This morning, my wife received a phone call from the Hospital where she had the amniocentesis. Although we had already received the preliminary results at last week’s “doctor’s” visit, the final results confirmed that everything is looking great.

The one piece of “news” she got, was that according to the chemical analysis, they are 99% certain that our baby is a girl. Cool! Both of us have wanted it to be a girl.