My name is Lamont R. Peterson. Most of my family and old friends know me as Monty.

I am currently employed at Intermountain Healthcare (since February 25th, 2008) as a Senior Web Systems Administrator (which really doesn’t describe my job or team very well).

My good friend Derek Carter (known to many as Goozbach) and I started NeverBlock in 2004, providing virtual servers for fun & profit. In February 2008, I bought out Derek’s share of the company at his request and am now sole owner of the company.

My beautiful bride Charlotte and I were married on September 22nd, 2001. Our first child (a girl) arrived on November 19, 2006. Family is the most important thing in my life. We are very excited about the baby, who is now a little girl of 3 years. She is a very intelligent, happy, curious and well behaved person.

The bulk of my career has been spent working in software engineering, development and programming. I write in many languages and have written code on & for several platforms. I continue to write code even today, which is why I founded OpenBrainstem. There are several projects which I, and friends, are working on. Things are still early for OpenBrainstem and I’m slowly building it up.

I am a ham radio operator. My call sign is KD7IMU. I received that call sign on April 1st, 2000, and immediately got on the air for my first QSO with NY4I (Tom Schaeffer). We became friends and I have met many good people in the hobby.

Hopefully, I will soon begin working on a new hobby, flying. I will be going for my private pilot certificate.

I am also a bit of a musician, having played a few instruments as well as vocal performances, some minor arranging and even less composing (which is fun). I am a closet audiophile. I say “closet” since I can’t really afford the habit at this time.

I enjoy good books. There are many works of fiction that I have enjoyed, but I also greatly enjoy many topics in the non-fiction aisles. My wife usually call those my “textbooks”.

I have worked as a chef a couple of times in my life. I learned to cook while growing up and have had many opportunities to practice. Working as a chef, I learned a number of interesting things, some of them even useful in my (currently) tiny kitchen. Oh, how I can hardly wait until I build my own house with a big kitchen.

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