8 Nov 2011

This past weekend, I flew to Dallas, Texas in order to take the exams necessary for the RHEL6 version of the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification. I found out Monday morning (when I looked at the email they had sent me Friday evening) that I passed.

There’s sure been a lot of change in the 8 + years since I was awarded my first RHCE (back on Red Hat Linux 9). I proctored the certification exams for RHL9, RHEL3 and RHEL4 as well as beta versions for both RHEL4 and RHEL5. The whole process, the delivery method and even much content has evolved, but I think RHEL6 introduced some of the biggest changes yet. Of course, I cannot go into details beyond anything that Red Hat has already published on their web site, so I won’t.



One response to “RHEL6 RHCE Passed”

24 12 2011
Mike (00:02:50) :

Gratz dude! Hey, on the robotics you may want to look into the Arduino, lots of hardware and there’s an Android level api.

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