Central Spell-Checking Dictionary

11 Jan 2010

Today, I found out that the spell-check system within Microsoft’s .NET framework does not support adding entries to the dictionary. Supposedly, .NET 4.0 will add such support.

Come on! Are you kidding me? What century is this, anyway? This is an extremely basic feature. Seriously, I could write the code in under 1 day and I don’t even know C#.

Generally, yes, the Microsoft Office shared spell-check dictionary would probably fit the bill. It’s been a long time, but I remember nearly 10 years back that there was some COM or DCOM accessible spelling-dictionary facility documented in MFC coding guides that was more OS level “global”. That’s what was basically what I was thinking about. However, I’m not finding it with some quick Googling, so maybe I’m thinking of something else?

Yet another reason I continue to prefer Qt. Oh, and Linux where any app that wants spell-check just links in the GNU aspell (or other such) library, all of which can share common dictionaries. Lest we forget Mac OS X; they have a global spell-check feature that even works on a command prompt.

Why are Microsoft frameworks (especially .NET) always so far behind?