WordPress 2.8.6 Upgrade

22 Nov 2009

I did this upgrade almost right when it came out. I simply followed my “normal” upgrade process:

  1. Backup the DB ($ mysqldump -p dbname | gzip >~/backups/$(date -I)-dbname.sql.gz).
  2. Backup the existing directory (# cp -a current-directory directory-outside-of-the-web-space).
  3. Extract the new version on top of the old ($ tar -zxf ~/wordpress-version.tar.gz).
  4. Delete the wp-config-sample.php file.
  5. Fix group ownerships of wp-content/ and sub-directories.
  6. Visit the admin interface.
  7. Fix problems, if there are any.

This time, there was nothing to do for the last two steps. It was all over in just a couple of minutes. Simple as pie.



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