Netflix PS3 Video Streaming

14 Nov 2009

A couple of hours ago, I had my first taste of streaming Netflix on my PS3.

We’ve been getting movies and TV shows from Netflix for over a year. It’s been a great experience for us. We have the 3 discs at once plan, which lets us hang onto some TV series disc for a few days (a couple of weeks) and still keep a couple of movies going back and forth. It’s also possible for us to watch up to 6 different movies in one week, as their turn around time is so fast, it (almost always) only takes 2 days from when I put a disc in the mail until the next one arrives.

Netflix also allows their customers to stream movies and TV shows on their computers, using the Roku player, the LG BD370 Blu-ray player/Netflix streaming device, plus many more. Netflix recently announced that they would be releasing a version for streaming on the Sony PlayStation 3 (a.k.a. PS3).

I’ve added about 20 films to my Instant Streaming Queue in the time I’ve written this article. I think I’ll go watch something.

I got an email from Netflix the other day, announcing that the PS3 disc is now available. It’s free, I simply had to click a couple of links and they sent it out to me. That disc arrived in the mail earlier today. We popped it in, waited for the PS3 to say that it was ready for us to “watch” that disc, and a moment later, we saw cover art for movies and TV shows that are in our Streaming Queue. I selected Season 1 of Quantum Leap and started watching episode 4 (episodes 1-3 are only available on disc). It took about 35-40 seconds for the show to start playing. The playback was flawless. Zero audio or video glitches (I do have a solid 7Mbps DSL line)..



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