openSUSE 11.1, Konqueror and Flash

29 Oct 2009

It’s been bugging me for months that I had Adobe Flash in Konqueror (my favorite browser on Linux) working just fine under openSUSE 10.3 and 11.0, but with 11.1 it just couldn’t find the plug-in. I’ve just never had the time at the moments I ran into it to go hunting down a solution, until the other night. Some Googling didn’t help at all, just people saying that it wasn’t working in Konqueror although it was just fine on other browsers. So I left it for later.

This morning, at work, I’ve had a quiet moment so I thought I would open up my notebook and look at some code. When I woke it up, there was Konqueror (I was upgrading blogs last night). So, I thought, oh, let’s look at the list of plug-in directories. There was an entry for /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/wrapped/ which doesn’t exist, but not one for the /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/ directory, which does. I added an entry for /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/, clicked the Scan for New Plugins button and restarted Konqueror.

That’s all it took. It works.

Now, I just have to go file a bug report with a fix in their bugzilla. I love Free & Open Source Software.



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