WordPress 2.8.5 Upgrade

28 Oct 2009

It’s been only 3.5 weeks since I upgraded this blog to released just a few days ago. This one is “simply” a hardening release, as they are now preparing for 2.9.

This time, I decided to see if I could simplify the process a little bit. Instead of reassembling the content by moving the previous version out of the way and then cherry=picking the right files and directories to copy into a fresh extract of the new release, I decided to make a backup copy of he current directory (and the DB) and then copy the extracted files of the new release over the top of the existing install. In this case, there were no DB changes to process, so it didn’t even ask me to “Upgrade the Database.” In fact, after the copy command was done, that was it.

I like it simple.

Still, I need to sit down and work out just how to reorganize the layout of a few things, since there are features that now better support much of what I want to do to better secure and simplify the running of my blog. Perhaps a project for this weekend?



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