UTOSC 2009 Keysigning non-Party

10 Oct 2009

Oh, well. That was mostly a bust. There were only twelve people in the room at the peak of it and only 7-8 traded keys. With all the last minute work going on, the Utah Open Source Conference 2009 organizers didn’t have the chance to get the word out from my post on doing the keysigning party.

FYI … I took down the “keysigning” email address from my domain a couple of days ago (after I got an email from someone whom I was expecting to send me their key).

I’ve already asked the UTOSC folks to plan on me doing two (or more?) sessions for the keysigning party in 2010. For next year, I plan on doing a presentation session, where I will talk about the reasons why keysigning is so important, how the system as a whole (the web-of-trust, the keyrings, etc.) works and provide a brief introduction to the actual protocols and algorithms used. The idea is that someone can come away from that session able to do three things:

1. Make a well informed decision to participate in the web-of-trust.
2. Explain just enough to help their friends also understand it.
3. Understand it enough to trust it based on their own understanding, instead of just entirely on the word of us “experts” who have been using it for years.

The second session would be the keysigning party, itself. Perhaps there could be two of these? The main one would be in the second evening and the second keysigning party could be a family-day thing.

Anyway, we’ll all be much better prepared for next year.



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