Airlines Scaling Back U.S. Capcity

4 Dec 2007

USA Today carried this story on the front page, Tuesday, (2007/12/04). It’s interesting that the headline for this story in the print edition and the online version are not identical.

The crux of the story is that the major U.S. airlines are shifting their schedules a little so that there will be fewer overall seats available throughout the U.S., despite stronger demand than last year. Such changes are not being made in their International schedules.

Part of the numbers come from switches to smaller aircraft, some are from schedule changes that will have a smaller total number of flights on some routes and other routes may be eliminated.

I also found it interesting that Delta Airlines, which I fly more often than all others combined, is the only major airline that is leaving their capacity and schedules virtually unchanged, with only a 0.6% overall U.S. routes capacity decrease planned for January 2008.

The biggest problem that could occur, whether you are flying with an airline that is making large changes or small, is that hiccups could take a day or two, rather than hours, to resolve. Such issues could bleed into other airlines, as cross-pollination can and does quickly fill the few available seats still open on all the other airlines. Given all of the problems that Northwest Airlines has been experiencing this year, I would hope that they don’t cut back too far. Granted, things are better at Northwest than they were in June of 2007, but the end of November continued to show larger numbers of cancellations than should normally be expected.

Eve Continues Where Others Fail

3 Dec 2007

I just read an article from The New York Times website about Eve Online. I have been a player of Eve since March, 2007.

Obligatory quote:

At the strategic level, coalitions involving tens of thousands of players struggle for months over strategic objectives or simply to wipe out their enemies. For at least a year the most powerful group in Eve has been an alliance known as Band of Brothers, a self-appointed evil empire with the stated objective of taking over the galaxy. Against them is arrayed a motley batch of self-styled freedom fighters with names like the Red Alliance (mostly Russian), Tau Ceti Federation (mostly French), GoonSwarm (mostly obnoxious) and the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (mostly drunk).