Petrov Day

26 Sep 2007

I’ll thank Tene for pointing me at this one:

Take a look at This was probably one of the most important moments and one of the best decisions anyone ever made in the entirety of the 20th century.

Petrov decided to not destroy the world just because a bunch of flashing lights told him that five (that’s right only five) US missiles might be heading towards the USSR.


11 Sep 2007

On the last day of the Utah Open Source Conference 2007 (UTOSC), there was a PGP/GPG key signing party, hosted by Scott Paul Robertson. It was good to be able to get set up to properly sign so many keys, but it did give me a little problem; I needed to sign everyones’ keys with each of my 4 active keys. That would have been over 100 times running the gpg command. Sounds like something begging to be scripted, so I did.

I’m posting the script, which is still very rough, as I didn’t both taking any time when I whipped it up last night to take care of everything that it really should be doing. Still, I’ll work on it here and there, I’m sure. You can download it from If you feel like makeing some fixes, either post your patches (please, create them as a unified diff file, if you wouldn’t mind) and put a link in the comments here and/or on your own blog.