Body Armour for Children

28 Mar 2007

In the UK, some parents are buying body armour for their children. This seems to be mostly into response to a couple of recent murders of London teenagers.

I can understand parents wanting to protect their children. Security isn’t always about the actual security. Sometimes, the perception of security is more important than the value of the actual security itself. In this case, parents have a greater peace of mind so they feel more secure.

But what about the children? Do you think that they might be a bit more emboldened knowing they have the armour on? In that case, such children are actually at a much greater risk then they were before. Do you think some would take it off as soon as Mom & Dad are out of sight? After all, many kids have done the same with their clothing.

P.S. If the story was about body armor in the U.S., I would have spelt armour differently.

My MiniDisc is Back

8 Mar 2007

Back in 1995, I started working for a mobile DJ company in Denver & Colorado Springs, Colorado. We used 3 MiniDisc decks with each set of equipment for all our music.

MiniDisc is an awesome technology. It holds just as much music as a CD on a 2-inch recordable magneto-optical disk in a thin, sturdy plastic casing. The audio quality is quite good.

I’ve had a MiniDisc deck for many years, but haven’t had it hooked up for the past 3 years or so. Last night, I came across my stack of discs while looking for (and finding) some LS-120 floppies. So I decided to dust off (literally) the deck and plug into my home workstation for playback. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an audio cable to go from stereo RCA connectors to the line-in jack typical of compter sound cards. This afternoon, it occured to where I could look for the cables I kew that I had and, sure enough, I found them. Since then, I’ve been enjoying listening to my MiniDiscs.

The first deck that I had could do both component audio and fiber optic audio for both input and output. That deck went out and I got it replaced with this current model, but the new one does not have fiber optic input for recording.

It’s been nice to research some links for this article as I’ve learned a lot about newer developments in MiniDisc technology and available devices that have come out over the past couple of years. I think I’m going to have to pick up some of the new Hi-MD (my birthday is in May, in case you were wondering) disks and units. It’s also been fun to reminisce about the two years (from 1995-1997) that I was at that mobile DJ company. Good times.