Oyler Family Reunion

7 Aug 2005

Yesterday, in Loa, Utah, the Oyler family reunion took place. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it in time.

This past week was spent on a business trip in Seattle, Washington. I was unable to make a flight home on Friday evening. I tried to change from the 9:41am to the 6:00am (PDT) flight, which would have allowed my wife and I to reach Loa just a few minutes past 12:00pm, which is when the reunion started.

As it turned out, we could not get to Loa until about 4pm, by which time, the reunion had already ended. The good news, is that we were able to spend some time with my parents & siblings, as well as my Grandmother.

Today, we went to church at Fish Lake, which was an interesting experience, and then drove home. My youngest sister and her fiance rode with my wife and I up to my sister’s new place in Salt Lake City (she rode with Mom & Dad). From there, my youngest sister rode with our parents back home to Weiser, Idaho., and my wife and I went home, alone.

It was a very nice visit, but entirely too short. We will be heading up to Weiser, shortly after Labor Day, for my sister’s wedding. We are looking forward to this opportunity to visit with more of my family.