Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (year 6) – Available Today

16 Jul 2005

Today, the newest installment in the Harry Potter book series, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince“, was released. My wife had previously reserved a copy at Barnes & Nobel, which we picked up, this afternoon. However, since she will be leaving town tomorrow evening an a road trip with a friend and her friend’s three children to California (including a day at Disneyland, and I will be gone for the next two weeks on business trips (UPDATE: the second trip was rescheduled), it will be a couple of weeks before we can start reading it.

To date, we have read each of the Harry Potter books, together. It is a wonderful thing to spend time with your spouse reading a good book. It is one of the things that helps us grow closer together in our marriage. If you are married and haven’t read a book together, I would highly recommend the experience. Of course, do not be afraid to try a genre of book that your spouse enjoys, but which you have not had any (good?) experience with. You may find something that you can really enjoy, together.

Although it is not written yet, I am going to put up descriptions and “reviews” of books that I have read. My wife is planning on doing the same, maintaining a list of most every book she has read.

As for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I am looking forward to reading it. Once, we have finished it, my wife and I will both be posting reviews. If you have not read any of the Harry Potter books, I would recommend that you go down to your favorite book store and purchase the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, either in print form or on CD. If you enjoy it, then purchase a set of books (the least expensive way to do so) and give you superfluous copy of the first book to a friend or family member.

Each of the Harry Potter books is good fun for all ages. Sounds like marking copy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true; children and adults of all ages will thoroughly enjoy each book. So, go out and get yourself a copy of your own and start reading.

rt.openbrainstem.net Working

13 Jul 2005

With a little help from my friend, Fozz, the last Perl module has been installed. RT is now running.

However, it is not yet ready for use. The configuration of RT will take me a bit of time (especially since this is my first time using it). Take a look at the OpenBrainstem main website launch punchlist for more information on my progress in bringing some of the major services online.

Progress Report: OpenBrainstem Main Website

1 Jul 2005

As you may or may not have noticed the main OpenBrainstem website is still not up. I have been busier at work over the past four weeks than I had anticipated (what else is new, eh? :) and have not been able to put as much time into it’s development as I would like. However, progress is being made.

The current line of site development is a sort of stop-gap measure. The code that will run the site is not meant to provide the kinds of features being planned. That will come when the StartPoint WMS reaches Alpha. We will move the main OpenBrainstem website to StartPoint by that time and will continue to work towards moving all OpenBrainstem sites & services as soon as the code is capable of supporting them.

I will place a progress punch-list on the main OpenBrainstem webserver to track the progress of version 1 deployment. Take a look there for the current status of development until the main website goes live.