First Member Blogs are Now Online

19 Jun 2005

One of the first services being created for OpenBrainstem Members, is their own individual WordPress blog. The blogs can be found at That page merely holds an index (with link) to each Member’s blog.


Blog Site Content Started

16 Jun 2005

After coming home from work (I didn’t leave the office until 7pm) I started writing the first pages for this site. So far, I have just described some of the projects that I am working on. I also created categories.

My wife was involved with a small party in our backyard when I arrived home. This is the quarterly Relief Society “birthday” party for all those Sisters whose birthdays fall within a specified range of dates (roughly 1-1/2 months before to 1-1/2 months after the party, I think).

The party is over now and everything is cleaned up. My wife is asking me to wrap things up so that we can play World of WarCraft together, which we do many evenings.

Welcome Aboard

13 Jun 2005

OpenBrainstem is starting to come to life. This is very exciting for me. Not sure what all the excitement is about? Well, then, I guess I should give you a little information about OpenBrainstem, and this blog.

OpenBrainstem provides resources for “Intelligent Open Source Software Engineering.” More on that will be posted on the About page of the main OpenBrainstem website, once I put the site together.

Currently, the webserver is operational (content pending), the email server is working perfectly & is secured (I still need to add SpamAssassin & ClamAV), MySQL is working (obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) and other services are coming along. I will create a matrix page on the OpenBrainstem main website listing all the services that will be provided and their states as they are deployed.

What about the blog sites? Well, I have chosen WordPress as the blogging software for Since WordPress does not support multiple blogs (yet?), this means that each persons blog will be a separate installation. I will dedicate a database on the server to each member, but WordPress will only have access to it’s tables in each member’s database. Another great feature of WordPress is that it provides light CMS capabilities, making it rather easy to create pages. Each OpenBrainstem Member will have their own blog.

This is my first entry in my own blog. I know you are expecting me to tell you about myself and my hopes and dreams for this blog, but, I’m not going to. Not here, anyway. Instead, I will point you to two other resources; my Personal Website and my Guru Labs blog, where I have been making entries for a few months now. Not to worry, though; both of those resources will continue to be used, in addition to this new site.

Now, to start building some pages for this site. Enjoy!