Nadia’s first words

As of age two (plus a month) Nadia can say and distinguish the following words:

hello (ello)
pretty (pret)
choo choo
spongebob (sponbob)
belly button
ashes ashes (song ring around the rosies)
thank you
your welcome
i love you
dog- ruff
kitty- meow
sheep- baa
horsie- neigh
cow- moo
duck- quack
sounds- bear (grrr)
lion (roar)
rooster (rrr rrrr errr)
pick it up
there you go
(ready) set go
she says purple, yellow, green, red, white, gold, orange, blue but doesn’t always get them with the right colored object. She is right most of the time.

There you go!

Today Nadia was playing with her doll in a plastic stroller. This particular one has a tray in front. She tried to force her doll into the seat part of the stroller so I helped put the doll’s legs in the leg holes. Then she said, ‘There you go’ like I say to her after I hand Nadia something that she wants. If that wasn’t cute enough. She then places a small tupperware in the shape of a shot glass on the tray in front of the baby. Nadia then pretends to feed the baby the water I have placed in the glass.

You Need a Diaper Change

Nadia has been mimicking things I have done for months. Today she grabbed her pillow that we lay her head on when we change her diaper and placed it on the floor. She put her doll down with it’s head on the pillow. Than Nadia grabbed all her changing diaper supplies. She put the changing pad under the doll, tried to open a diaper all the way like Monty and I do, and grabbed a wipe. We only let her take one wipe out of the box. She then wiped the doll’s face with the wipe and worked her way down to wipe the doll’s tummy. It was like always so cute.

Look Mommy, this one is pretty

Today I decided to change the picture on computer screen. I like color and change. Nadia was on my lap today pressing the keyboard, of course randomly. I had the screen changer page popped up. I was looking on one that was kind of cool. All of sudden it switched to a beautiful pink home with flowers and a blue window. I loved it. So I am keeping it as my latest shot.

Oh no, I broke it.

Today Nadia came to me with a worried look almost like she was going to cry or cry out. Which is an expression that she has quite often at this age. (1) She had one of our remote controls and the back was off the back. I put it back together and she went on her way. Her face as she came to me with the broken control was so cute and I of course wish I would have had a camara.

I found it!

At my parent’s house they have a stereo in the living room and an extra set of speakers set up on the other side of the wall, in the family room. My mother turned on some Christmas music and Nadia went up to the TV to listen. The TV was not on so there was no noise coming from the speakers. She pounded the TV with her palm but realized that was not where the music was coming from. Nadia walked around a little and followed the music to the speaker to pat it. She has learned how to stop the music on a portable DVD player that is kept near the kitchen. It was so interesting watching her figure out where the music was coming from. Her inquisitive face is so fascinating to watch.

It’s Bedtime

Tonight as I was rocking Nadia to sleep she was being so cute. My glider up in Nadia’s room broke on me yesterday, so I had to nurse and rock her to sleep downstairs in the recliner. She is not ready to fall asleep so I start to sing to her as I rock. She is holding her blanket in her hands and then kept moving the blanket up to cover her face. She would wait a while to see if I would say ‘peek a boo’ like I usually do, but I kept singing and smiling at her. She kept doing this for a while and I just wanted to squeeze her because I love her so much. These are the best moments.

Women’s trip 2006

Today, I drove from my home in Centerville to Provo to meet my Sister in law Angie and her girls. It is the first day of this year’s women’s trip for our family. Since I was a teenager I have been going every year or every couple of year on a trip in the summer with my Mom, sisters and nieces. This tradition started when my Mom went to New York City with my older sister Delinda. I was invited years later when we decided to make a tradition out of it. Then Delinda’s 2 children, Hope and Brooke were invited. It took many women’s trips before my younger sister Corrine finally joined us on these fun get a ways.

The rules of the women’s trips are:

  1. You have to be 12 or older to go
  2. You have to be female. (My Mom, a sister, sister-in-law or niece)
  3. It is a shopping trip
  4. We try to go somewhere where we have relatives or friends so as to save money on hotels (except perhaps for a night or two)
  5. We try to do at least one thing eacg person wants to do on the trip
  6. We all put money into a kitty for gas, toll booths and parking, so it all evens out.
  7. The last rule depends on the mother of the child; If we fly to a different state my nieces pay for half of their plane ticket. They also contributed to gas money from their babysitting jobs.

Some of us have well defined roles during these trips. Delinda is the driver (she likes to drive), my Mom is the navigator since she is in the front seat (this is especially needed in San Fransisco with so many one way streets) and I am over the kitty and write all the expenses on the evelope. If more money is needed I ask everyone to contribute and evenly divide the leftover funds at the end of the trip. This is the way it was with the first trip so we have just continued in our roles on each subsequent trip.

So far our women’s trips have travelled to both Northern and Southern California; Seattle, Washington; New York City, New York and Las Vegas, Nevada. We know friends and family in California and Washington. For our next trip we are thinking of going to St. Louis, Missouri or Chicago, Illinois. Corrine lives some what close to St. Louis and my brother Bryant lives near Chicago as of a year ago.

So back to the trip. Angie, her girls Courtney, Kayla, Paige and Torrie and I drove down to St. George to stay the night. My neice Brooke lives there while going to school. She also has her license to work on hair and is one of the only people I let touch my hair.

We arrived in St. George and had a day at the salon. I had my hair cut, colored and eyes waxed. I have to have my hair touched up with red color every 4 to 6 weeks.  Courtney had her hair cut and highlights woven into it. Kayla had a trim and conditioning done to her hair and Paige had her hair chopped. It went from her midddle of her back to a short bob above her shoulders.

To start the shopping part of our trip, we went to a scrapbook store that was going out of business. Then we had dinner and hung out at my Mom and Dad’s condo till Delinda came with Hope and her husband Brandon. Brooke’s husband’s name is Jared. Brandon and Jared took care of Angie’s girls that were not going to Las Vegas with the main crowd.

So here I am excited to go on another trip but, sad that my Mom can not come because she is on a mission for our church in Mississippi. Corrine also could not come because of the lack of money. This is our first women’s trip to Las Vegas and it is going to be hot. It is July and I am pregnant.

Kick…, kick…, kick

Last night I could not sleep. I was lying in my bed while my husband was asleep and I started to feel movement in my belly. For a while I thought it was just gas, but it came about every 5 minutes and didn’t stop. It was constant for hours and always in the same spot. After a while I decided it was my little baby girl kicking. I am 5 months pregnant and have heard my baby kick at the doctor’s office when my doctor checked for my baby’s pulse, but this was the first time I felt her. I stayed up most of the night trying to feel a kick on the outside of my stomach, but I can only feel them on the inside. It is the most amazing feeling to be kicked from the inside and to realize in a new way that I have a little being inside me. I told my husband this morning about the kicks and I can not wait till it gets to a point when he can feel the kicks too.