October 2008

There you go!

Today Nadia was playing with her doll in a plastic stroller. This particular one has a tray in front. She tried to force her doll into the seat part of the stroller so I helped put the doll’s legs in the leg holes. Then she said, ‘There you go’ like I say to her after I hand Nadia something that she wants. If that wasn’t cute enough. She then places a small tupperware in the shape of a shot glass on the tray in front of the baby. Nadia then pretends to feed the baby the water I have placed in the glass.

You Need a Diaper Change

Nadia has been mimicking things I have done for months. Today she grabbed her pillow that we lay her head on when we change her diaper and placed it on the floor. She put her doll down with it’s head on the pillow. Than Nadia grabbed all her changing diaper supplies. She put the changing pad under the doll, tried to open a diaper all the way like Monty and I do, and grabbed a wipe. We only let her take one wipe out of the box. She then wiped the doll’s face with the wipe and worked her way down to wipe the doll’s tummy. It was like always so cute.