Today, I drove from my home in Centerville to Provo to meet my Sister in law Angie and her girls. It is the first day of this year’s women’s trip for our family. Since I was a teenager I have been going every year or every couple of year on a trip in the summer with my Mom, sisters and nieces. This tradition started when my Mom went to New York City with my older sister Delinda. I was invited years later when we decided to make a tradition out of it. Then Delinda’s 2 children, Hope and Brooke were invited. It took many women’s trips before my younger sister Corrine finally joined us on these fun get a ways.

The rules of the women’s trips are:

  1. You have to be 12 or older to go
  2. You have to be female. (My Mom, a sister, sister-in-law or niece)
  3. It is a shopping trip
  4. We try to go somewhere where we have relatives or friends so as to save money on hotels (except perhaps for a night or two)
  5. We try to do at least one thing eacg person wants to do on the trip
  6. We all put money into a kitty for gas, toll booths and parking, so it all evens out.
  7. The last rule depends on the mother of the child; If we fly to a different state my nieces pay for half of their plane ticket. They also contributed to gas money from their babysitting jobs.

Some of us have well defined roles during these trips. Delinda is the driver (she likes to drive), my Mom is the navigator since she is in the front seat (this is especially needed in San Fransisco with so many one way streets) and I am over the kitty and write all the expenses on the evelope. If more money is needed I ask everyone to contribute and evenly divide the leftover funds at the end of the trip. This is the way it was with the first trip so we have just continued in our roles on each subsequent trip.

So far our women’s trips have travelled to both Northern and Southern California; Seattle, Washington; New York City, New York and Las Vegas, Nevada. We know friends and family in California and Washington. For our next trip we are thinking of going to St. Louis, Missouri or Chicago, Illinois. Corrine lives some what close to St. Louis and my brother Bryant lives near Chicago as of a year ago.

So back to the trip. Angie, her girls Courtney, Kayla, Paige and Torrie and I drove down to St. George to stay the night. My neice Brooke lives there while going to school. She also has her license to work on hair and is one of the only people I let touch my hair.

We arrived in St. George and had a day at the salon. I had my hair cut, colored and eyes waxed. I have to have my hair touched up with red color every 4 to 6 weeks.  Courtney had her hair cut and highlights woven into it. Kayla had a trim and conditioning done to her hair and Paige had her hair chopped. It went from her midddle of her back to a short bob above her shoulders.

To start the shopping part of our trip, we went to a scrapbook store that was going out of business. Then we had dinner and hung out at my Mom and Dad’s condo till Delinda came with Hope and her husband Brandon. Brooke’s husband’s name is Jared. Brandon and Jared took care of Angie’s girls that were not going to Las Vegas with the main crowd.

So here I am excited to go on another trip but, sad that my Mom can not come because she is on a mission for our church in Mississippi. Corrine also could not come because of the lack of money. This is our first women’s trip to Las Vegas and it is going to be hot. It is July and I am pregnant.