Last night I could not sleep. I was lying in my bed while my husband was asleep and I started to feel movement in my belly. For a while I thought it was just gas, but it came about every 5 minutes and didn’t stop. It was constant for hours and always in the same spot. After a while I decided it was my little baby girl kicking. I am 5 months pregnant and have heard my baby kick at the doctor’s office when my doctor checked for my baby’s pulse, but this was the first time I felt her. I stayed up most of the night trying to feel a kick on the outside of my stomach, but I can only feel them on the inside. It is the most amazing feeling to be kicked from the inside and to realize in a new way that I have a little being inside me. I told my husband this morning about the kicks and I can not wait till it gets to a point when he can feel the kicks too.